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Multi-lingual investigative journalist and strategic communications professional with five years of international experience. A self-starter specialized in a broad range of content with an extensive body of publications across a diverse range of multimedia. Stifler for proper fact-checking to ensure journalistic integrity.

Services provided include copywriting, editing, proofreading, creative writing, and translations.

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Government left Londoners powerless to fight eviction in pandemic

For many Londoners who are hard up the coronavirus pandemic has been catastrophic. Reduced wages, job losses and declines in business have all hit the pockets of those on the breadline. This was seen so clearly in the increased demand for food banks which rocketed in 2020. But nowhere were the effects felt more than in the corridors and courtrooms of the county courts of London. It was here that judges handed out possession orders to evict people from their homes because they couldn't pay th

Life on Venus : astronomers find a signal in the clouds !

Are we alone in the universe ? Is Earth the only life-sustaining planet ? Has life ever existed on neighboring planets ? These are questions that have plagued the human race since time immemorial. An international team of scientists has recently discovered the existence of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus, causing quite the stir, potentially being a sign of life (among many other explanations). What is even more interesting is that researchers are perplexed as to how phosphine got there. T

In or Out? The costs of a Brexit and the Irish effect

The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum is scheduled to take place across the United Kingdom and Gibraltar on 23rd June 2016. This will be the second time that the British people will vote on European membership, the first taking place in 1975, when the European Union was known as the European Economic Community (EEC). This referendum was approved by the British electorate with 67% of the vote. However, in recent years Euroscepticism has been on the rise in Britain. Issues such a

How are you represented at the EU Level?

Elections to the European Parliament take place every five years. There are currently 751 Members of the European Parliament. MEPs have been directly elected by citizens of the member states of the EU since 1979. Some member states such as France, the United Kingdom and Belgium are divided into constituencies. Other member states elect their MEPs via a single constituency covering the whole nation. All member states of the EU currently hold elections to the European Parliament using various dif

Scottish independence: young people and the prospect of shaping a new nation

The Scottish referendum on independence is fast approaching, with the vote taking place on September 18, 2014. It has been characterized by a bitter rivalry between two opposing campaigns, the pro-Scottish independence Yes campaign and the pro-union Better Together campaign. The referendum has been dubbed the “most important political decision in 300 years” of Scottish history. One of the most important demographics of this referendum will be the younger generation (under 30 years old) of Scott

Scottish referendum: divorce, separation or 'til death do us part'?

With just over a month to go until the Referendum on Scottish independence, what further controversies lie in store for this bitter rivalry between the pro-Scottish independence Yes campaign and the pro-union Better Together campaign? The 307-year-old political union between England (and Wales) and Scotland has existed since 1 May, 1706 after ratification by each of the separate English and Scottish Parliaments. On 18 September, 2014 a national referendum will be held in Scotland to determine t

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